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Fertile Me Radio


Hi Fertile Friend! Welcome to Fertile Me Radio!

This is the podcast where you won't find any fluff, rah-rah motivation, but practical and time-tested expert advice based on the Practically Fertile® Methodology trademarked by Adrienne Wei. 

Adrienne Wei, the Founder of Two Elefants and Two Elefants Digital, is a Fertility Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist, Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM), and an Integrative Fertility Expert. 

Adrienne overcame PCOS and became a mother with the help of Chinese medicine.  And it has become her life's work to educate and advocate for those who have experienced a delay in getting pregnant. 

She believes that all women are fertile, it’s just a matter of figuring out what the obstacles are.

To learn more about Adrienne, please click here.  

Adrienne is different than other Fertility Coaches because she offers the best of her education for free.  She doesn't believe that you need to spend thousands of dollars for information.  

Here are some of the resources she has created to help you on your TTC journey:

1.  A FREE Facebook support group, Fertile Me.  You will only find positive vibes here.  We dispel misinformation, provide valuable tips and trick on how to get pregnant naturally, and pick you up when you're feeling discouraged.  Please click here to join.  

2.  A FREE membership site called Fertile Elefants.  dedicated to those who are interested in learning and applying the Practically Fertile® Methodology.  Here you'll find free courses, worksheets, downloads, recipes.  Click to join here.  Members also get exclusive access to Two Elefants product discounts, special sales, etc.

3.  To infuse a little fun, Adrienne is now on TikTok @Theadriennewei, and also on Instagram as @adrienne.wei.  Make sure you follow her there for daily inspirations, tips and advice, and get a glimpse of her life.

So there you have it Fertile Friend, we believe that "Every woman is practically fertile." As long as you can find the true underlying obstacles standing in your way, you're going to get that B.F.P.  And we're thrilled to be on this journey with you.  


Team Adrienne Wei and Two Elefants