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Fertile Me Radio

Feb 26, 2021

Today we have a Fertile Me Live episode where we talk about lots of juicy stuff like:

  • the 3 steps a practically fertile diet because I really want you to get an understanding of the way I structure my diet protocol
  • we also deep dive into the topic of a cold uterus, what it is and why it affects your fertility
  • and then we touch on some fad diets out there and why they won’t work for fertility.

As a reminder, we have some really cool freebies for you.  You can download the Fertile Cycle starter kit complete with a Fertile Cycle checklist, a comprehensive list of foods to eat and avoid along with examples, recipes in there to boost egg quality and lining quality, and a super special bonus gift from me to you.  To download this freebie just go to

For those of you who want to know that your fertility patterns are, you can go to

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